What's tangling up your team?

Now more than ever, law departments seek to prove the value of their own services to their businesses—but the shift from cost center to value center isn't easy. You face an increasingly complex environment, more priorities competing for your attention, and more options when buying legal services or technology solutions. The possibilities for change are numerous, but your goals and constraints are unique.

Explore your challenges. We'll find your solution.

  • Get Started with Lean

    For most change initiatives, getting started is half the battle. Manageable first steps and quick, visible wins are key. Our secret to change that sticks? We put people first, then add simpler processes and smarter technology.

  • A Strategy for Outside Counsel Management

    To maximize the value delivered by outside counsel, you need a strategy that spans the entire relationship lifecycle. Explore an expanded repertoire of tools and techniques to better align outside service providers to internal client needs.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Legal and Business

    Proving the law department's value to the business means metrics. Many legal teams are data-rich but insight-poor, with critical data left uncaptured and unanalyzed. Take your first step toward KPIs that measure impact, not just inputs.

  • Remix Your Supply Chain

    Savvy GCs are experimenting with provider mix and load balance: finding new ways to partner with outside counsel, exploring roles for next-gen providers, and doubling down on in-house resources. Unlock the power of your supply chain, remixed.