As Innovations Analyst, Reid uses the right technology to solve the right problems for clients. Drawing on his marketing and customer service background, he focuses on user experience and finding solutions to issues clients sometimes don’t realize even exist. He is committed to designing and building customized applications that deliver real value to clients.


Upon graduating from Carroll University, Reid pursued opportunities that allowed him to put his business and marketing degree to good use, with a major dose of technology thrown in for good measure.

Reid’s work is informed by his multidisciplinary background gained in roles with a major airline and a risk management consultancy. These positions have shared a common thread: a focus on tracking and auditing customer service, and using data to better understand the customer experience. Joining SeyfarthLean Consulting, where he could use technology to improve user experience in a new industry, was a logical next step.

Outside work, Reid takes full advantage of Chicago’s lakefront for recreation and relaxation, and he often attends a wide variety of sporting events the city’s pro teams serve up all year round.

“Smart use of technology is the key to helping clients unlock success. ”