Kevin, a self-proclaimed “lifer” at Seyfarth, got his first taste of Lean in the firm’s inaugural Green Belt training program in 2005. He quickly saw that the discipline of Lean was a great fit for both his practice and his personality. From there, it was natural for him to build a practice based on Lean principals.

Since those early days, Kevin has worked with clients in diverse industries ranging from finance and fashion to food service and pharmaceuticals, handling real estate and corporate transactions, as well as counseling them on practical ways to implement Lean Six Sigma strategies within their own legal operations. Today, Kevin’s multi-faceted practice is characterized by a pragmatic approach that seeks to improve existing processes to maximize efficiency and minimize cycle-time.

Because of this experience and reputation, clients routinely come to him for help “finding a better way” to execute repetitive tasks or transactions. For Kevin, this usually involves taking a fresh look at the people, processes, and technology used to accomplish the task. An example of his work in this area is the Transaction Solutions Center, a proprietary web-based tool designed to assist in the efficient management of high volume work streams. In 2013, this tool earned the firm an ACC Value Champion Award.

Above all, his true passion is helping clients articulate and showcase their value story, making their contributions tangible to their organizations.  He takes great pride in using the discipline of Lean Six Sigma to capture and improve those metrics that best tell the story of the in-house legal teams.


Kevin Woolf is a partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP, a Director of SeyfarthLean Consulting, and a frequent lecturer and law school adjunct professor.

When he’s not at work, he loves to spend time with his four children or work on his house (which, built in 1884, happens to be one of the oldest homes on the North Shore of Chicago). He also enjoys being on the lake with his paddleboard and black lab.

Kevin refers to himself as “an optimist by choice” and actively chooses positivity as a way tackle life's challenges - a beneficial trait when dealing with change and lawyers.

"I help clients find a better way to manage transactions by taking a fresh look at the tools, talent, and tech to solve the problem at hand.”