In her role as Senior Legal System Analyst, Kara helps figure out the right tool for the right job. She understands the needs of legal teams and clients, providing useful direction and feedback to the architects of SeyfarthLean Consulting's customized applications.

Kara’s main responsibility at SLC is working with clients to find the right technology tools to solve their unique issues. Often working within SeyfarthLink, which she was instrumental in creating, Kara helps clients use machine learning and AI tools such as: chat bots, robotic process automation, and advanced data collection and analysis. Utilizing this wide range of tools, she acts as an ambassador between software development and software users. Kara prides herself on helping clients find the right technological tool—not just to fix the immediate problem at hand, but to address root causes and improve business processes in the long term.


After earning a degree in history and French from the University of Pittsburgh, Kara became interested in a legal career. She worked several years supporting litigation and bankruptcy lawyers before she entered Georgetown University Law Center to pursue her own law degree. By the time she graduated, she was committed to using technology to help transform the profession. Her next step was SLC, where she focuses on developing and refining each clients’ technological solutions to their specific business needs.

Kara’s fascination with technology extends outside the office, both in pursuing the latest personal tech and playing video games. In her remaining free time, she dotes on her dog and enjoys being the chief motivator, critic, and roadie for her husband’s art career.

“When we don’t have solutions immediately apparent or available – which isn’t often – we’re relentless in developing the products or tools that answer the unique needs of our clients.”