With more than 20 years of experience in the legal industry, Julie’s methods for project management are as tested as they are successful. Whether creating a customized version of SeyfarthLink or managing day-to-day deadlines for an ongoing document review, Julie knows how to use SLC tools in a way that clients intuitively understand – and appreciate.

For Julie, project management is simple: “I keep communications flowing.”


Julie joined Seyfarth Shaw in the Fall of 2007 as a litigation paralegal, moving into project management in 2011. Julie has taken her paralegal skills and combined them with process improvement and her natural positivity to become a project manager attorneys and clients trust. Her passion for the position lays in its foundation: the simple yet challenging task of using process to create a plan tailored for a client. The joy comes from seeing the client’s “ah-ha” moment when they realize it’s working.

Away from work, Julie enjoys time with her dog Riley, and being the “cool aunt” with her nephew. Whether helping family or clients, Julie’s hope for herself is simple: “I want to be remembered as the person you could always go to for help.”

“Helping clients in a way that puts them at ease is so important. I don’t just want to solve a specific problem—I want them to feel there’s no problem we can’t solve.”