As a Solutions Consultant, Dustin plays a dual role as an investigator and integrator. To find the right solutions that improve the delivery of legal services, he first digs into the process, uncovering the roadblocks to greater efficiency and the barriers to improved quality. Dustin taps into his cross-disciplinary experience in government, nonprofits and business to help simplify often unnecessarily complex concepts and use a plain-English approach in all communication and collaboration.

Dustin also works closely with SeyfarthLean Consulting’s technology teams to create new and improved processes and tools for delivering legal services. By integrating the benefits of process improvement with powerful technology solutions—building trust and consensus at every step along the way—he helps the Seyfarth Family’s legal teams and their clients more effectively manage, measure and minimize risk. 


Dustin discovered his interest in the intersection of law practice and technology while attending Georgetown University Law Center. There, he enrolled in the first offering of a seminar on “Technology, Innovation and Legal Practice,” which culminated in the first Iron Tech Lawyer competition—and set Dustin on a course away from traditional practice.

The same curiosity that drives him professionally also keeps him busy in his free time. Dustin enjoys visiting Chicago’s many museums and unique neighborhoods. But as a self-described “culture guy,” you can also find him on any given weekend in a local theater or concert venue as well as on his living room couch binge-watching serial television.

“We use technology and process to show people that there’s another way to think about the law and the way we deliver and consume legal services.”