Courtney has a passion for increasing efficiency and finding ways to head off problems before they arise. In her role as a Legal Project Manager, she utilizes project management fundamentals to provide productivity solutions and detailed analytics while partnering with firm attorneys and clients on engagements. Courtney can be depended on for her ability to come up with on-the-fly solutions should things start to go awry.


Beginning with work in contract reviews, Courtney has worked on legal projects for 7 years. As her level of responsibility on projects increased, project management proved to be an invaluable skillset. Her previous clients include global investment banks and Fortune 100 companies.

Away from work, Courtney likes to unwind by wandering through Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo or reading a cozy mystery novel.  She’s on an endless quest for a new favorite podcast, especially in the history and true crime genres.

I love being able to find a solution for clients that not only fixes their problem short-term, but will provide the right result for them on an ongoing basis.