13 April 2018

A Guide for Legal Ops: Developing Key Performance Indicators

If you are new to the legal operations role, you likely arrive at work prepared to drink from a fire hose. Coming at you at 100 PSI are issues like data security, financial reporting, outside counsel management, maximizing technology, budgeting and alternative fee arrangements, and cross-functional alignment.  And somewhere mixed in, is the need to develop key performance indicators (KPI) for the legal department. 

Done right, implementing KPI in the legal department can show value, change behavior , identify needs and track trends, all of which can have a positive, long-term impact on the effectiveness of the legal department. 

If developing KPIs is on your short list as a new Legal Operations Officer, and you have to get up to speed quickly, this white paper is for you.

We identify for you all the fundamentals: The definition, questions you should ask, a list of challenges you will likely need to address, a collection of suggested metrics to consider, and links to the best research we have found for further reading.

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